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Database Management Basics

Database management is a system of managing information that supports a company’s business operations. It involves storing data, disseminating it to users and applications and editing it when needed, monitoring data changes, and preventing data corruption due to unexpected failure. It is part of the entire informational infrastructure of a company that supports decision making, corporate growth, and compliance with laws like the GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

In the 1960s, Charles Bachman and IBM along with other companies developed the first database systems. They evolved into the information management systems (IMS) that enabled the storage and retrieve huge amounts of data for a variety of purposes, ranging from calculating inventory to supporting complex human resources and financial accounting functions.

A database is a set of tables that arrange data in accordance with a specific scheme, such as one-to-many relationships. It makes use of primary keys to identify records and permit cross-references between tables. Each table has a variety cyder.com.br of fields, known as attributes, which provide information about the entities that comprise the data. Relational models, invented by E. F. “Ted” Codd in the 1970s at IBM and IBM, are among the most widely used type of database in the present. This design is based on normalizing the data, making it easier to use. It is also easier to update data because it doesn’t require changing many sections of the databases.

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Most DBMSs can accommodate various types of databases, by providing different levels of external and internal organization. The internal level addresses costs, scalability, and other operational concerns like the design of the database’s physical storage. The external level is the representation of the database in user interfaces and applications. It can include a combination of various external views (based on the different data models) and may also include virtual tables that are created from generic data to improve performance.